Refurbishment - Structural Enhancement


RPI has developed standardized solutions for strengthening common angular and tubular structures to restore the structure either to its original load capacity, or a new increased load capacity.  Customized solutions are also available from our team of in-house design engineers for less common structures.

These modifications are not limited to structural load changes but also to repairs and defects that may be due to corrosion or other damage.  In some cases, tower upgrades may be required to bring the structures into compliance with the latest tower design standards.

When foundation repairs are necessary, RPI employs Non Destructive Test (NDT) techniques and equipment to determine the strength of the existing concrete, quantity of embedded reinforcements, and the size of foundation members.  By combining NDT with a visual examination of exposed foundation elements, RPI can provide engineered solutions to upgrade the load bearing capacities of the existing foundations while upgrading the existing structure.