Basic Tower Fundamentals

This section provides technical information on structural steel towers and compares the differences between the two most popular tower designs and why round member triangular towers are more efficient than angle leg square towers.

 Environmental effects of tower design



Fig.1  Fig. 2

Wind flows smoothly around a round object (Fig. 1). Wind creates more force and turbulence around a flat object (Fig 2); this increased force requires a significant increase in tower structural capacity just to support the tower itself, in addition to the capacity required to support the antennas and lines.

 Fig. 3

 Ice buildup is greater on flat objects than on round objects because there is more surface area (fig 3).

Angle leg square towers require more material and labor than round member triangular towers efficiently designed for the same antenna capacity.

If you choose a square tower you choose...

  •    An increase in materials.
  •    An increase in maintenance costs.
  •    An increase in assembly labor.
  •    An increase in foundations.
  •    An increase in weight.
  •    An increase in cost. 
... an approximate increase of 33.33%! 



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