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Note: Design assumes normal soil and rigidity per EIA; level ground and 80% guy radius for guyed towers. 
2. Foundation installation 
3. Tower, specify.

Indicate Type of Rohn Tower
4. Pole, specify.

Indicate type of ROHN pole needed
6. Base of Structure 
7. Design load: 
8. EIA operational requirements: 
if no, specify operational load: 
9. Ladder / step bolts: 
Specify Type(s): 
10. Safety device: 
11. Aircraft warning lights: 
if yes, specify: 
12. Paint: 
13 Vertical waveguide support: 
Note: unless otherwise indicated above, waveguide ladder on self-supporting tower sections will be mounted on the inside face of the tower near the tower leg. 
16. Lightning rod required: 
if yes, extended type? 
17. EIA grounding: 
18. Antenna information: (UHF/VHF mounts must state type of mount and length of side arm, if applicable. E-mail additional information if necessary. 
Antenna 1 
Antenna 2 
19. Special Data. The following data is required for special foundation designs.

1. Allowable bearing capacity
2. Boring log showing composition and variation with depth.
3. Water table depth and variation.
4. Type of foundation recommended (pine, spread footing, mat, etc.)
5. Uplift recommendations pertinent to the type or types of foundations recommended.
6. Consistency of soil. (a) Unconfined compression strength of cohesive soil (clay). (b) Standard penetration -blows per foot. (c) Rock quality designation for rock.
7. Allowable passive pressure in pounds per square foot (PSF/FT)
8. Backfill consideration
9. Factors of safety included in allowable design values.

Note: Before any soil boring work begins, the soils engineer should contact RPI for tower reactions, preferred boring locations and any other data the soils engineer may require. A detailed soils report, with proper foundation recommendations, will produce the most economical and safe foundation design.
20. Purpose of structure (check one): 
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