Added Value Items

In addition to supplying the world's finest antenna support structures, RPI also offers Added Value Items for all your communications structure needs.
  • Complete in-house engineering and design of foundations for towers and masts

  • In-house engineering and design of the towers and masts

  • Engineering seals on foundations and designs for most countries

  • Installation of elevator systems on tall towers and masts

  • Supply of the material to the end site location worldwide

  • Civil works and foundation installation worldwide

  • Installation of the towers, masts, poles worldwide

  • Supply of antennas, transmission lines and other electronic equipment

  • Installation of antennas, lines and electronic equipment worldwide 

  • Site Survey

  • Soil Test

  • Site Layout

  • Site Fencing

  • Generator and Power Installation

  • Shelter Installation and Equipment Installation

  • antenna and Line Installation

  • Dismantle existing tower at old site and move to new destination 

We invite you to contact us at any time by phone, fax, email or personal visit to find out how we can identify the added value we can bring to your project.
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