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Rohn Products International helps our customers solve problems. We furnish and install towers worldwide as our core business, NOT a sideline. Our customers cannot afford to halt construction due to an unforeseen obstacle. Obstacles are normal and in most cases, we help our customers maneuver around them. We call this the RPI Factor.

RPI has the unique capability to ship material from the main manufacturing facilities in the USA, or for some projects, to manufacture partial products in country. In many cases this in country manufacturing creates an advantage to the buyer because of delivery time, freight cost, price or government import duty and regulations. The same attention to detail and quality control is followed as if the material was being manufactured in our USA manufacturing facilities. All of the items manufactured, whether it is in country, or from the USA plant, are produced to fit and perform according to the original design.

Due to our close relationship with many antenna manufacturers, we can supply most types of antennas and transmission lines for whatever application is needed. Because of this relationship, we can offer these products at prices lower than the customer could realize with additional shipments. The supply of antennas and lines from RPI has many advantages. The customer has the advantage of supplying the antennas with the tower material directly to the site without making separate shipments, and without having the worry of site coordination. The antennas and lines are then installed to manufacturer specifications and tested for operation at the same time the towers are installed, to bring the job to a close sooner and more efficiency


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