monopolesRohn offers a variety of pole types to meet your specific communication requirements. Flanged Steel Poles and Tapered Steel Poles feature designs that blend well into the environment and require minimum space for installation.
Flanged Steel Poles

Flanged Steel Poles are easy to handle and install. Precision fitted connections allow quick assembly of modular sections and the top platform, sidearms or mounting frame. Pole sections are available with identical base flange plates, allowing for simplified modifications of mounting heights and antenna reconfigurations when required.

Tapered Steel Poles

Tapered Steel Poles are designed with base diameters from 2 feet to 6 feet. These minimal site requirements lower lease costs. Tapered poles can be installed quickly, while meeting the demands of GSM PCS, GSM cellular, and other applications. All poles are hot dipped galvanized for long lasting corrosion protection and with unmatched attention to detail and design, these poles offer extremely efficient strength to cost ratio.

Features Include:
  • infinitely rotatable mounting frame or platform
  • quick installations
  • variety of types, for different applications
  • eights in excess of 200 feet
  • microwave capable
  • minimal space requirements
  • full line of accessories, lights and mounts


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