accessoriesIn addition to making the highest quality towers, poles, and mounts, Rohn also offers all the hardware and accessories you need to complete the package. From obstruction lighting and safety harnesses to steel tubing and masts, we supply the details to complete the project.

 Rohn Obstruction Lighting Kits

Rohn obstruction lighting kits are available for towers up to 1,050 feet and come complete with: 300mm beacons, lighting controls and flashers, obstruction lights, junction boxes, and all wire and conduit as required. These kits meet worldwide standards and regulations.

Beacons are designed for continuous service in all weather conditions. Features include heat resistant lens and tough internal wiring made of heavy insulated, flexible cable

Regardless of how tall the tower or how your lighting system is configured Rohn has the solid state control system to deliver years of reliable operation.

Rohn offers controllers in a wide range of functions including alarm and non-alarm models, each includes in a NEMA 1 cutout box or NEMA 4 weatherproof housing.
Rohn-Loc Safety Climbing Device

To protect the tower worker, Rohn provides the Rohn-Loc safety climbing device. With Rohn-Loc you can overcome one of the biggest obstacles facing workers today, the reluctance to use complicated or bulky safety devices. Rohn-Loc is designed for permanent installation on a ladder or step-bolt equipped structure of any kind. It requires no complex assembly or complicated procedures for ordinary use.

Rohn No Prime Tower Paint

Rohn no prime tower paint is perfect for use on untreated galvanized surfaces. Tower white and Tower orange are protective coatings formulated with a vinyl/acrylic emulsion resin providing long-term protection and performance. These coatings offer excellent resistance to weathering, ease of application and freedom from fire hazard.


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