Saudi Telecom Company

Rohn Products International has been both a supplier of towers and a separate provider of Civil Work Services for towers including those supplied by others, in all regions of Saudi Arabia. At one time STC had disclosed Rohn Products International was its number 1 ranked contractor out of 47 providing civil work services who was not also providing Telecom services of which there were 6.

saudi_telecomTHE FACTS

End User
Saudi Telecom Company STC

30M-90M Self Supporting Towers

The project involved the supply and installation of new towers, Equipment Shelters, Single and Dual Standby Power Generator Systems as well as site fencing.

Supply tower material only, Supply Obstruction Lighting, Provide Civil Services including Site Layout Design, Access Roads, Foundation Installation in all types of Conditions, Equipment Shelter Installation, Site Fencing. 85 New Sites and 14 Existing Sites

On going frame contracts from 2002 -2008

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