In the early 1980’s RPI was faced with losing one if its largest customers if it did not consider providing complete integrated tower services, or solutions including engineering, product supply, foundation and erection services.

Some of our international customers were experiencing difficulties achieving the desired finished product quality on a consistent, repeatable and timely basis. By the 1990’s, RPI had added tower foundation and erection services.  Since then RPI has expanded it’s client services to include full site civil engineering, tower mapping and tower upgrading (strengthening). These services were in response to the needs of our customers who found it economically viable to save existing towers, where the original design information was readily available.

Today RPI is one of the few companies in the world operating on an international platform capable of moving personnel, material and equipment to any tower site in the world as part of regular operation, rather than a one time adventure.

Rohn Products International actively operates throughout the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. All markets are served by a network of direct sales personnel and qualified representatives that are experienced in the phases of telecommunication and broadcasting tower requirements.

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